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Artist’s bio

  • 1976-80    followed the Fine Arts School of Addis Ababa (Et)
  • 1980-82    taught painting, Fine Arts School (now the School of Arts and Design, Addis Ababa University), (Et.)
  • 1982-89    Higher Institute of Fine Arts, (Nikolai Pavlovich Art Academy), Diploma equiv. to M.A., Sofia (Bl)
  • 1992-95    National Higher Institute for Fine Arts, post graduate degree, Diploma equiv. to M.A., Antwerp (Be)
  • 1992-95    lecturer, Fine Arts School, Addis Ababa (Et)
  • 1992-95    read lectures, Alliance Française, Addis Ababa, (Et)
  • 1995-96    prepared & participated in workshops, University of La Laguna, Tenerife(E)
  • 1997-98    guest lecturer, Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp (Be)
  •   1999        led workshop and read lectures at the School of Fine Arts (now Addis Ababa University),  (Et)
  •   2001        Hasselt Visual Arts Academy; gast-docent, painting (Be)
  •   2002        read paper, ‘African Photography, Masquerade: the Photo Salons of African Popular Photography’, Maastricht Visual Arts Academy, ESHPh symposium, Maastricht (Nl)
  •   2002        read lectures, ‘African Photography, Masquerade: the Photo Saloons of African Popular Photography ‘ Goethe German Cultural Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, (Et)
  •   2002        read paper on African Modern Painting, Alliance Française, Addis (Et)
  •   2004        read paper on African Photography, ‘Courteous Confines, African Contemporary Photography: the pull between ornament and figure’, Moderna Museet, ESHph. Symposium, Stockholm (Se)
  •   2004        Exhibition organizer, employee at Elzenveld Centre, Antwerp (Be)
  • 2009-10    Levanto, receptionist, Antwerp (Be)
  • 2009-10    guest lecturer at the School of Arts and Design, AAU (Addis Ababa University), (Et)
  •   2012        initiative on founding artists collective, ‘Fast Rewind’, with Eth. art public, Netsa Art Village, Addis (Et)
  •   2012        PhD. (Cum-Laude), La Laguna University, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain. Thesis theme “Headways in the Art of Mimesis: Inquiry into the Contemporary Visual Arts Repertoire of East Africa”
  •   2014        Residencias Artistica por Intercambio y proyecto TRUEQUE, R.A.T., Mexico City, Mexico, (Mx.)

Individual shows

  • 1980 Alliance Française, with Yonas Kenea & Mezgebu Tessema, (Lino Prints), Addis Ababa, (Et)
  • 1982 ‘City Hall Gallery’, the Municipality of Addis Ababa (Et)
  • 1989 ‘Gallery Sredets’, Ministry of Culture Sofia (Bl)
  • 1994 ‘Piquant Anecdotes’, Gallery Tragt, St. Niklaas (Be)
  • 1994 ‘Stolen Light’ Beelden Gallery, Antwerpen. (Catalogue) (Be)
  • 1994 VUB Gallery, (Vrij Universiteit Brussels) Brussels (Bl)
  • 1996 ‘Open Hands’ St. Bernardus Cultural Center, Antwerpen (Be)
  • 1997 Alliance Française, Addis, (Et)
  • 1999 Alliance Française, Addis, (Et)
  • 2001 De Branderij, Antwerpen (Be)
  • 2002 A and A, Gallery, Hasselt (Be)
  • 2003 ‘Back Bencher’, Alliance Française, Addis Ababa (Et)
  • 2005 Anka Humma, Brussels (Be)
  • 2005 St. Joris Pand, Antwerpen (Be)
  • 2006 Gallery 23, assisted by Felix de Rooy, Frank Händler and Diana Elshout, Amsterdam (Nl)
  • 2006 Leoplodburg Cultural Centre, Leopoldburg, (Be)
  • 2007 Delen Bank, (Antwerpen) with A&A gallery Hasselt, (Be)
  • 2008 Domelhoff Cultural Center, Neerpelt, (Be)
  • 2010 “X Factor”, Addis Ababa, Laphto Centre, (Et)
  • 2010 Zuiderpershuis, (with Worku Goshu), Antwerpen (Be)
  • 2011 “Beyond Axum”, Bekris Gallery, 49 Geary Street, San Francisco, (with Etiye Dima Poulsen), (US)
  • 2012 “When Words Fail” Bekris Gallery, 49 Geary Street, Suite 235, San Francisco (US)
  • 2012 Amandla, City Library (African and Belgian artists) Antwerp (Be)
  • 2012 “Terra firma”, Ruimte Morguen, (with Ermias Kifleyesus), Antwerp, (Be)
  • 2012 Gallery 24, (with Etiye Dimma Poulsen, Amsterdam, (Nl)
  • 2014 Alliance Ethio-Française, Addis Ababa, (Et)
  • 2014 Alliance Ethio-Française, Dire Dawa, (Et.)
  • 2014 “START TO JAZZ”, Kunstenplatform WARP, Sint Niklaas, (Be.)
  • 2016 BAD, Belgium Art and Design, solo booth, Eskimo Fabriek, Gent, (Be.)
  • 2016 Lela Art Gallery, Addis Ababa, (Et.)
  • 2016 Domelhoff Cultural Center, Neerpelt, (Be.)

Group shows

  • 1989    ‘Small Format Paintings’, the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sliven (Bl), (catalogue)
  • 1989    Mezsdunaroden Pleinair, Exhibition of Young Artists, Shiroka Leka, Smolian (Bl), (catalogue)
  • 1995    ‘De Sokkel Van David Teniers’, Elzenfield Cultural Centre, Antwerp, (Bl)
  • 1996    ‘AEthiopia: People, Culture and Art’ African Museum of Tervuren, Brussels (Bl), (catalogue)
  • 1997    ‘The African Wind’, De Vierkante Zaal , St.Niklaas, Toma Luntumbue, Aimé Ntakiyicka … (Bl)
  • 1999    ‘Faith, Hope, and Love’ Millenium – De Warande, Turnhout, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Ricardo Brey, Zhou Shanglie, Stef Van Bellingen (Curator), (Be) (catalogue)
  • 1999    ‘Print as Fiction’, with Guillaume Bijl, Ronny De Meyer, Bernd Lohaus, Martin Maloney, Werner Mannaers, Ulrich Meister, Luc Tuymans, Philippe Vandenberg, Henk Visch (B), Gallery Roger Van Daele (limited edition), Antwerp, (Be)
  • 2001    ‘Dessins Chosir’ Addis Ababa, Paris, (catalogue) (Fr)
  • 2001    De Branderij, Antwerp (Be)
  • 2001    Dialogist-Kantor & Walter Swennen /Jour-fixe: Ethiopië-rapport, Lieve Lambrecht en Chris Straetling, Ria Paquee, Tewodros Hagos, Nebiat Abebe, Dimension Group (…) Factor 44, Antwerp (Be)
  • 2002    Dakar Biennale, (catalogue), (Sn)
  • 2003    Villinus Triennalle, ‘23 sins – Artists book’ (catalogue) , (Lt)
  • 2003    Arte Coppo, Vervier, Leige with A. Peron (Be)
  • 2003    ‘Yemereshaw Qeeld’ Text performance; with Guy Rombouts, Mirabelle Wouters, Daisy Wouters, Arjen Nelis, Harry Heirmans, Chris Straetling, Factor 44, Antwerp, (Be) (Manuscript)
  • 2004    Bookpresentation/show, Stef van Bellingen; Video/ Chris Straetling, Factor 44, Antwerp, (Be)
  • 2004    Montigny – Dakart, Montigny Charlerois, (Be)
  • 2004    Eclipse, Bornem, Puurs, Willebroek Cultural Centres, (catalogue), Stef Van Bellingen (Curator), (Be)
  • 2005    Ethiopian Cultural Event, Lyonne, Mikael Bethe Selassie, Tewodros Tsige, (…) (Fr)
  • 2005    Amandla, City Library (African and Belgian artists) Antwerp (Be)
  • 2006    Amandla, City Library (20 African and Belgian artists) Antwerp (Be)
  • 2008    ‘Ecouter et Entendre’, Hassan Musa, Otobong Nkanga, Aimé Ntakiyicka, (…), Dunja Hersac (Curator), Gallery Kevin Conru, Grand Sablon, Brussels, (catalogue), (Be)
  • 2008    ‘Art Reflecting The World’, Cligendael, Netherlands Institute of International Relations, Antonio Claudio Carvahlo, Ronny Delrue, Hadasah Emmerisch, (…) Stef Van Bellingen (Curator), (Nl)
  • 2009    Amandla, City Library (African and Belgian artists) Antwerp (Be)
  • 2009    East African Biennial, a project on (unmasking) les Demoiselles des Avignon, Ricardo Brey, Pierre Mertens, Willo Gonnissen, Yves Goscinny (curator) Dar Es Salam, (Catalogue), (Tz)
  • 2009    ‘Sport: Fait(es) Divers’, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sim cha Chi, Axel, Harold E.Edgerton, Hans Peter Feldmann, Jef Geys, Guy Mees, Edward Muybridge, Hans Op de Beeck, August Sander, Walter Swennen, Henk Visch, Phil Wauters (…) Mechelen, Marc Scheppers (Curator), (Be)
  • 2010    BOLERO, an international art project on the move, Addis Ababa, Laphto Centre – Leo Kosm (curator) (Et); Dar Es Salam, Alliance Française (Tz); Karoo Gallery, Prince Albert (SA); Zero Station, a house for creativity, Nguyen Nhu Huy (curator), (Ve); (….)
  • 2010    Amandla (…) Atlas, Antwerpen (Be)
  • 2010    Kunsten Route-Euro Park, Renaat Braem, Sim Cha Chi, Antwerpen, Marc Schepers (curator) (…) (Be)
  • 2010    Impetus, Atelier Fine Arts Gallery, Tewodros Hagos, Eyob Kitaba, Behailu Bezabih, Tamrat Gezahegne, Klaus Martens, (Dawit Petros, Aida Muluneh /Addis Fotofest), Mexico Sq., Addis, (Eth)
  • 2011    Neo Escape, Atelier Gallery, Michael Tsegaye, Claus Martens, Antonio Fironte, Ezra Wube, Addis (…)
  • 2012    Bolero, an international art project on the move, 1, Shanthiroad, Shanthinagar, Bangalore (Ind); Galerie VOSS, Gerberstrasse, Dortmund (D), Galerie RIVELLI 798, 798 Artzone, Jiuxianqiao no. 2, Chaoyang Dst, Beijing (Ch) ,
  • 2012 Manifesta 9 Parallel Events, Genk Public Library, with ArtBolero group, Genk, (B)
  • 2012 a BOZAR initiated African countries touring exhibition, conceived by David Adjaye, Leo Lefort (curator), (Et)
  • 2012 Lela Art Gallery, Addis Ababa, Leo Lefort (Curator), Addis (Et.)  files/FACE2FACE.pdf
  • 2013  ’Celebrating Pan Africanism through Artistic Expression’, Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University, commemorating 50th anniversary of African Union, Dr. Desta Meghoo (curator), Addis (Et),
  • 2013 Leaving for a living, expo, A & A Gallery, Stevoort Hasselt, (Be)
  • 2014 Second Room, Antwerp Central Station, windows, Antwerpen, (Be)
  • 2014 Open Studios, 2nd edition, Studio Start and NICC, Deurne (Be) artists-Mulugeta Tafesse
  • 2016 BAD Belgium Art and Design Fair, 1st edition, Gent (Be)
  • 2016 ‘Imagine Europe: In Search of New Narratives’, collaboration with BOZAR , video, Brussels (Be)
  • 2016 Plovdiv, (Bl)


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